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How big of an issue is child abduction by a parent?

Until you become involved in an actual abduction case you have no idea how much an event like this can impact the individuals involved. One father of an abducted daughter explained:

“the damage from this crime is permanent. The childhood memories that should have been never will be. The bond between [a] girl and her brother, a daughter and a father, can’t be reconnected and sent back in time. There is no such thing as restitution in our case. We can’t import memories of family rituals, long talks, holidays and firsts of all kinds.1

The whole issue of international child abduction, has grown over the past few decades with the increase in international travel, international and cross-cultural relationships, rates of divorce and legal separation.

Child abduction involves the taking of a child to another country, although it could also apply if the child is taken to another province or territory, without the consent of the other parent (or guardian), or kept in the other country beyond the time for which consent was given. Typically a vacation.

  1. Senate, Standing Committee on Human Rights, Evidence, 2nd Session, 41st Parliament, 7 April 2014 (Christy Dzikowicz, Director, Missing Children Services, Canadian Centre for Child Protection). This is a quote from a father that Missing Children Services assisted.

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