Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How big of an issue is child abduction by a parent?

  2. What laws are in place to ensure the safe return of the children who have been abducted?

  3. Can you explain for our listeners what the term ‘jurisdiction’ means?

  4. How can a parent determine if a country is signatory to the hague convention or not?

  5. In your practice do you see child abductions by a parent increasing or slowing down?

  6. Does a court from Alberta have the right to order that my children be returned from another jurisdiction? Or how is it decided which location or jurisdiction will decide the matter?

  7. Can I be arrested for moving with my child or just told to move back?

  8. Realistically, we are a very mobile society, so when should a parent be concerned about a former partner taking a child with them out of the Country? What sort of things should they be wary of when giving permission for their children to travel?

  9. What should a parent do if they discover that their former partner has left the jurisdiction with or without their permission with a child but has learned that the parent has no intention of coming back with the child – what are the first steps a parent should take?

  10. In your experience, what is your understanding about the reasons why parents make the choice to unlawfully leave the jurisdiction with a child?

  11. In situations where parents are fleeing the jurisdiction for legitimate safety reasons, what can they do to prevent a child from being returned to the jurisdiction if they are ordered to do so?

  12. What alternatives could these parents have taken rather than such extreme measures?

  13. Are there different concerns depending on the location that the children are traveling to?

  14. If there is no parenting order in place, is one parent allowed to leave the jurisdiction with a child without the consent of the other parent

  15. Final comments or thoughts?

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