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Realistically, we are a very mobile society, so when should a parent be concerned about a former partner taking a child with them out of the Country? What sort of things should they be wary of when giving permission for their children to travel?

A parent is vulnerable to an abduction when:

  • The relationship has broken down.
  • One of the parents has ties to another country.
  • One parent has mentioned taking the child.
  • The potential abductor has psychological issues.
  • The other country favors the parent that might take the child.

Things to consider when giving permission for children to travel:

  • Is the other country a signatory to The Hague convention?
  • Has the parent wishing to travel with the children taken any steps to indicate non return, such as: leaving employment; disposing of property; indicating a lack of satisfaction with Canada; being unsuccessful in the courts.
  • Use a very clear travel consent form. The department of foreign affairs has one on their website, but the “I care foundation” has a very comprehensive one that covers off intention to return and so on.
  • Consider a court order clearly setting out details of the return.
  • Contact foreign affairs Ottawa “vulnerable children unit.”
  • Speak to experienced counsel here and in the country the other parent is traveling to about the risks.

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