Yanok v. Yanok

A 12-year-old child’s objections were recently upheld by the Court of Queen’s of Alberta in Yanok v. Yanok. In this case the left behind father in Connecticut, was alleged to have trafficked in Cocaine, and to have physically and emotionally abused his 12-year-old child, the subject of the Hague Proceedings. The step-grandmother in Calgary, was asked by the father to temporarily care for the 12-year-old granddaughter due to the father having housing and financial issues in Connecticut. After the child travelled to Calgary, the grandmother learned of the abuse, and took steps to retain guardianship of her granddaughter in Calgary. Complicating factors in this case were the father threatening a witness for the grandmother. This witness later attempted to renounce his earlier damaging statements about the father to counsel for the grandmother. The witness’s statements confirmed drug trafficking, drug use and abuse of the granddaughter by the father.

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